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Ellen Voigt: Warren Wilson’s Founder Wins Genius Award


Every residency, Ellen is with us, listening, suggesting, advising and making sure things go well. Without Ellen, and her Southern inflected encouragements, advisements, cautions, Warren Wilson’s program wouldn’t exist. So many of us, thousands! are hugely appreciative of Ellen Voigt’s pedagogy —and Ellen’s poetry. We are thrilled to salute her on this much -deserved award.

For those who do not know that Ellen is also a musician, a pianist, I mention this here. Music before meaning, Richard Hugo tells us . Music in the words and meaning, Ellen Voigt tells us  in her essays like The Flexible Lyric, and poems. Kyrie.

It has been such a privilege to spend five residencies and four semesters at Warren Wilson in the program she created. Those of us who have had  the pleasure of having  Ellen attend their progress and participate in their graduation readings will understand my feelings.

Dream catcher? Kleinzahler’s Hotel Oneira

Daisy Fried’s enthusiasm for August Kleinzahler is catching. And that word oneira sets me thinking of  oneiric, a prompt from my first poet-mentor Henri Cole. Oneiric, or dreamlike, comes back to haunt in the title of Kleinzahler’s latest tome,  The Hotel Oneira, which Fried so well elucidates in the spring issue of ThreePennyReview (the journal does not allow hyperlinks, you must purchase).

David Weaver’s not so much haunted as delighted by Kleinzahler, going by his review in The Guardian, the paper I  longed to write for during my salad days of music criticism. I give in.  Kleinzahler,  jumpy, witty, maniacal New Jersey  master of barometric pressure points now pursues as Gaspar’s ecstasies pursue, and Reece’s restrained solitudes… as Warren Wilson’s essay semester’s solitudinous search for essay-topics weigh upon the soul of this poet..And, why not, Kleinzahler himself has been a music reviewer. Who can rue that.

‘The Rapture of Vachel Lindsay” makes a passing reference to Wallace Stevens’s “venereal soil”, and The Hotel Oneira confirms Kleinzahler once again as among the most delightful flowerings of American poetry in our times.”

Read the rest online: http://theguardian.com/books/2014/jan/10/hotel-oneira-august-kleinzahler-review”/index html”