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Cloudburst at Qfest, Philadelphia

Cloudburst, A film by Thom Fitzgerald, with Olympia Dukakis, Brenda Friker, Ryan Doucette…Philadelphia Qfest (7/13 & 7/15) Ritz East.

It’s a good look, Olympia Dukakis and that beat up hat. She’s  steadfast Stella, bad- mouth bull to Brenda Fricker as Dot, her plump, blind dove in Cloudburst, seen at the Philadelphia Qfest, whose features, shorts and documentaries  are worth looking into whether you’re GBLT or straight. Cloudburst won awards in mainstream festivals here and in Canada, where writer and director Thom  Fitzgerald shot it.  If you want to know what love looks like you can do worse than check out Stella and Dot, so perfect in their squabbling imperfections of three decades. Escaping Maine and a conniving granddaughter to make their union legal, the couple pick up young stud Prentiss (Ryan Doucette),  on this maverick  road movie. Fitzgerald’s film  began as a play.  Cloudburst  packed the Ritz East where the  Qfest features are shown.  Shouldn’t be missed when this hilarious and poignant feature returns. You’ll savor the ironies and the well-lit  scenes of Bangor, and Nova Scotia’s Economies, Upper & Lower. This is the hardscrabble Good Life at its end. This is  Fitzgerald on  the benes of being legally attached, Dukakis, at 80,  has whatever it takes. Did I mention the soundtrack’s K.D. Lang: Sweet.

Also check out:    Vito, the HBO documentary of activist Vito Russo (July 17) , Audre Lorde – The Berlin Years (July 18).  Sassy Pants, with Joel Haley Osment.  (July 20 & 22). Black Blues & Other Hues about blues sisters from the 1920s… (July 20) Qfest runs through July 23: Ritz at the East and Ritz at the Bourse.